My teeth hurt when I eat hot or cold foods, what should I do?

Experiencing pain during meals particularly when eating hot or cold foods can be an early warning sign for a number of dental conditions. An early consultation can prevent the need for more serious treatment later. If you are experiencing overly sensitive teeth call the practice on 1300 632 925 to make a booking.

I have chipped a tooth, what should I do?

A chipped tooth is very common, people regularly chip or break teeth playing sport or even just eating. There are a range or treatments available depending on the condition. Our highly trained dentists can advise you on the best treatment to keep your smile looking great.

How often should I visit the dentist?

Preventative care is the best and most cost effective approach to dental care in the long run. We recommend a regular check up and clean every six to twelve months to keep your smile looking it’s best and to prevent the onset of more serious conditions. Read more»

What is the best way to care for my teeth between visits?

The best way to care for your teeth is regular brushing with a soft bristled toothbrush and daily flossing to remove plaque build up between your teeth which can lead to decay. At your next consultation ask your dentist to demonstrate the best tecqhniques to floss, clean and care for your teeth.