Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials intended to cover the front surface of the tooth to improve its appearance. These materials are glued to the surface of the teeth changing their shape, color, length or size. Apart from improving the appearance of the teeth, veneers also protect the surface of damaged teeth and may even eliminate the need for more extensive treatments in the future. In addition, veneers are durable and enhance the appearance of the mouth and other features of the face.

When treatment is required

Veneer treatment may be required, if your teeth are severely discolored or dull.


Applying a veneer requires the removal of a very small amount of the original tooth enamel generally less than a millimeter (usually with the application of a local anesthesia). This creates room for the veneer to fit in properly while also creating an improved appearance. Next, the dentist cautiously bonds and molds the composite material onto your teeth. A mold is taken of the teeth and sent to the dental lab for the construction of ceramic veneers. Once the ceramic veneers are ready, each of them is carefully placed on the teeth to check their fit, shape and color. The color of the veneer can still be adjusted at this point with the shade of the cement to be used, once cemented the color can no longer be altered. Before applying the veneer, the dentist use specialized chemicals to clean the teeth and then a bond (cement) is inserted between the veneer and tooth. A light beam then strengthens the bond by activating the cement.

Our experts at Blacktown Family Dental will help you to determine the best choice of veneer material that is especially suitable for you.