When it comes to children, good dental care begins right from infancy – before the child’s first tooth appears. The mere fact that they are not visible does not mean they don’t exist. The fact is that the formation of teeth begins in the second trimester of pregnancy. Right at birth, your baby already has 20 primary teeth. Some of these teeth are already fully developed in the jaw.

Why Children’s Dentistry is required

There are certain practices that can cause even babies to develop tooth decay; this is especially true if good feeding habit is not practiced. For instance, putting a baby to sleep with a bottle can harm the baby’s teeth. In addition, if you leave milk or juice on a baby’s teeth for hours, the sugar can eat away at the enamel, leading to a condition known as bottle mouth. Discolored, pitted or pocked front teeth are all signs of bottle mouth. In severe cases such babies might develop cavities that may necessitate the extraction of their teetch.

Caring for Your Child’s Teeth

As a parent, endeavor to set specific times to feed your babies from the bottle. Drinking from a bottle throughout the day can affect a young child’s teeth and cause other severe problems. Kids with parents that are prone to gum disease or tooth decay may also be at a higher risk. Make sure you call your dentist once your child complains of tooth pain, as this could be a sign of a cavity that must be treated immediately. The dentist will likely apply topical fluoride to harden the tooth enamel, this will help to prevent common childhood oral disease — dental caries.

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