Surgical extraction refers to a tooth removal procedure in which surgical technique is required to completely remove a tooth and could also include the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. This procedure includes partitioning the tooth into two or more pieces, irrespective of whether a soft tissue incision is made or not. Extraction is done to remove a tooth, usually because of trauma, disease or crowding.

When Tooth Extraction is required

Tooth extraction is usually necessary when a decay or abscessed tooth is extremely severe and there is no other viable treatment to cure the infection. Other reasons that may necessitate the treatment include the following:

  • A crowded mouth – Dentists extract teeth at times to get the mouth ready for orthodontia. The aim is to align the teeth properly, especially in cases where the teeth are too big for the mouth.
  • Risk of Infection. Teeth may need to be pulled out to prevent the spread of infection. At times, tooth decay can extend to the pulp (Center of the tooth containing blood vessels and nerves) leading to infection. Although this can be corrected with antibiotics or RCT (Root Canal Therapy) but if it cannot be corrected with this procedures then extraction may be necessary to curtail infection.
  • Periodontal Disease. Gum disease affects the surrounding tissues and bones that give support to the teeth causing teeth loosening, if this happens, then you may need to extract the teeth or tooth.


The first step is to numb the affected area around the tooth to be extracted to reduce pain or discomfort. After the extraction, you may experience a small amount of bleeding and you can gently bite down a gauze pad placed on the wound to stop the bleeding. The extracted tooth can be replaced with a denture, an implant or a bridge.

Most people fear this procedure because of pain, but at Blacktown Family dental, we are equipped to perform teeth extraction with no pain or discomfort.